Flight to Independence

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Varoujan has created a collaction of paintings dedicated to the Armenia's independence titeled "Flight to Independence".

The collection includes two paintings titeled "One Fatherland Two Republics" "Winds of Independence" depicting the tricolor flag of Armenia, and a triptych with the title "From Genocide to Independence".

The left piece is a representation of the 1988 earthquake that destroyed thousands of lives, the Centerpiece in which a young woman in the center represents the young Republic, with her open arms reaching up to doves, a symbol of peace. the painting on the right depicts the tricolor as an eagle's triumphant flight entering Artsakh, where doves fly in the peaceful sky while the Armenian army is marching a glorious parade.

Hejinian was welcomed to the Presidential Palace by First Lady Rita Sargsyan where he donated a three-paneled painting (triptych) titled, "From Genocide to Independence." and "Winds of Independence" was donated to the RA Government Other contributions were made to the National Gallery, Ministry of Diaspora, and Ministry of Culture.