Drawings and Mixed Media

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Each composition is drawn with pencil and ink in a continuous line. The artist follows this line, and by reading into it, he can see images. Ultimately the drawing determines the composition, as he lets the drawing take control . Then he determines the contrast, and the light and dark spaces within the composition determine the color. The artist creates a magical contrast with the play of light and dark. This mysterious and magical effect is enhanced by the black background, and it creates a focal point and universal depth. Each drawing unfolds a mystery, and illustrates love, hope and happiness, a multifaceted representation of one's life.

His horizons are unlimited to express his creative mood. The artist uses pastel, chalk, pencil, cut paper, and sometimes embossed metal to attain the effect he visualized in his mind. This technique was used by 13th century Byzantine iconographers. Varoujan developed a modern iconography by combining the traditional techniques with modern compositions, thus creating richness and dimension to these pieces.