Romantic Paintings

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Hagop Karapents.

The visitor is first impressed by the brilliance of colors which affect him with a magical fantasy -- the violet on top of the red and the glaring yellow, executed with daring competence, leaving nothing to chance or fortuity. The dynamism created is so warm and lively that the spell is carried outside to the street and the city.

The life created by Varoujan reflects on our lives and fills the next moment with greater hope. In other words, his works compromise a continuous poetry, which sings life, nature, womanhood, and art; the dream that is in the making ....

Nature takes on a fairy tale dimension under Varoujan's brush. The colors erupt from his inner self rather than from the outside world. He is one of those rare artists who have preserved the dawn of a childhood and can see the material, as well as the immaterial world, through a child's eye. He grabs a pomegranate and squeezes its color into the earth. And the earth becomes the plain of Ararat. Elsewhere a pink cloud swims in an enchanting symphony of colors, creating a magnificent contrast of lights.

The female figure -- predominant in Hejinian's works -- seems to have been created somewhere between reality and dreams. Passion, inheriting almost all of his paintings, is reserved and noble, even in situations where love emanates from the nude bodies.

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