Mother's Hands Monument

Story of the Monument / Unvailing Photo Album

Armenian Genocide Memorial, organized by
The Merrimack Valley Armenian Genocide Monument Committee..
The design is the brainchild of artist Daniel Varoujan Hejinian,
whose inscription of "A Mother's Hands" forms the base.

1915-1923 THE VICTIMS OF

A Mother's Hands
"Knot by knot, her hands weave the history of her people. The delicacy of the crochet integrated into this cross stone is symbolic of the beauty and strength of the Armenian heritage. This ancient culture lives forever, just as the imprint of the first genocide of the 20th century in the collective memory of the Armenians.
The blooming crossstone is the permanent reminder that the slaughter of more than 1.5 million Armenians within the Ottoman Empire will never be forgotten, that in spite of the pain and horror of the genocide, knot by knot, the Armenian People everywhere weave their hopes and dreams, as they bloom and prosper."