Colors of Liberty

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"Colors of Liberty collection is a token of my appreciation to this country that has given me so much, for all the opportunities that I've had and all the successes I achieved. Here I raised a family, I've had the freedom to express myself and the freedom to be who I wanted to be. Also it is the expression of my pride for being a citizen of this country."

"Colors of Liberty" is a collection of art work created by Daniel Varoujan Hejinian and it expresses the artist's vision of America, his adopted country.

In 1980, Daniel Varoujan Hejinian came to the United States to seek the freedom to express himself as an artist. He settled in the Boston area and here he has raised a family. This is the land, where his father, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, came to die, where his son was born, where he has let his imagination soar. Here, Varoujan has created an impressive body of beautiful and meaningful art work, from Romantic Expressionist paintings, to corporate and religious murals in seven Armenian churches. Here he planted the seeds of a new beginning and a different future. Varoujan chose to be an American citizen by naturalization. This is a conscientious process rather foreign to those who were born in America. We do not choose where we are born, but we choose where to live and what country to pledge allegiance.

Although the exhibit reflects the artist's vision, these are images where we find ourselves and our ancestors, and the hopes and dreams of generations. In this collection, Varoujan expresses his love for America. "The American flag is the most beautiful of all flags with an ingenious and modern design. When the red and white stripes wave in the wind, I feel its beat as I feel the beat of my heart. The bright stars on the midnight blue are the guiding light to the promise land." America is the home of the statue of liberty, a perennial symbol of our nation and our democracy, holding the torch of liberty for all nations, welcoming those starved for freedom of expression and squelched under dictatorial regimes the world over. America is a country of immigrants. Generation upon generation, immigrants have come to America to build a better future for themselves and their children.

"There were people of all colors, from all corners of the world, from different ethnic groups, cultures, religions, speaking different languages, and yet together as one, with one common goal, to be American. This is where I saw the real face of America, and I was inspired to create Colors of Liberty collection. "

30"x40" oil on canvas

"September 11th was an attack on our democracy and our freedom.
I dedicate this painting to the memory of the victims of
September 11th, 2001.
Behind the Lady Liberty there are the buildings which surrounded
the twin towers, the World Trade Center. Lady Liberty is holding
the memorial flag folded in triangle.
The painting represents the American flag and the missing stripes represent the missing twin towers. The red stripes in the flag represent the blood that we have shed for our freedom and the two missing stripes represent
the attack on our freedom."